Amazing X-Men Annual 1 – Montynero, Larroca, Oback & Caramagna

x-men1Published by Marvel
3rd June 2014

Salvadore Larroca
Sonia Oback
Joe Caramagna

I bought this pretty much only because Montynero wrote it. You’ll see his name in one and two parts, I first saw it as one word and I’m sticking to it, though I do sometimes call him Monty…

Montynero has been published in 2000AD and his creator owned series from Titan, Death Sentence, was a success all round the place. Monty is active on Twitter and engages with fans freely. Plus in Death Sentence he included pages with open advice about getting ideas from one’s head to print.

Most of this story takes place in Africa, starting near Lake Turkana. Kenya.

The story centres around Storm, Ororo Munroe. the title of the story is Goddess. Now I guess it might prove I’m not a regular X-Men these days but it came as a shock to me that Ororo and T”Challa have split up, shame that

Ororo’s cousin, Abuya has been kidnapped by an elemental force naming itself Maruda. This is a new force. umknown to the X-Men and it has been killing Storm’s relatives.

The story explores issues of life and death and focuses on responsibility for actions. The support characters such as Wolverine and Nightcrawler are well used, they are recognisable as their usual characters but don’t swamp the story.

Monty’s first outing for one of the ‘Big Two’ went well.

I didn’t recognise his name but I now realise I’ve seen Salvador Larroca’s art before. In the 1990s I was a keen Flash reader, so I certainly read his run on that title and Amalgam’s Speed Demon but also Deaths Head II before that.

The art is eye catching to say the least. The design of Maruda is excellent and his animated-sand servants are wonderful. Sonia Oback’s colours give a nice depth to the panel.

Its a good read but I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t longer. The support material, Art History by Marguerite Bennett and Juan Doe wasn’t to my taste and I’m afraid it felt very much like filler.


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