Paragon issue 16 – an anthology – spoiler light

Paragon 16 coverParagon issue 16

Published by Paragon Comics
December 2013

Paper version – available from – £2.50
E-version – available from – Free

Edited by Dave Candlish

Cover Art: Dave Candlish
Colours: Jim Cameron

This issue sees Bulldog join the line-up. Written by creator Jason Cobley Captain Winston Bulldog has a 30 year pedigree. Regular Bulldog artist probides the artwork. Plus there is a bonus Bulldog poster on the back cover by regular 2000AD and Department of Monsterology artist P J Holden.

Five stories in black and white for £2.50 and this issue comes with free shipping from Lulu, Dave Candlish says:

“Right now you can get FREE shipping on orders from, so why not take this opportunity to stock up on the latest issue and any collections you don’t have?

Just quote JS614 and choose the priority mail shipping option to get it delivered FREE – so what’s stopping you?”

EL BIGOTE – La Noche de Los Muertoads part 2
Writer: Locust
Art: El Chivo
Letters: Bolt-01

It’s a charming tale of an undead Mexican bandit and his trusty ostrich steed. Thwy are on the trail of the deadly Muertoads and in this episode El Bigote rescues and is rescued by a beautiful bandit leader,

At points the script is deliberately over-wordy in dialogue. A fine example of someone using far too many words on a page and you can easily see it is deliberate by the space left by the artist to allow the letterer to freely place the lettering. Excellent job between them.

SPENCER NERO and The Bicycle Tree
Writer: Greg Meldrum
Art: James Corcoran
Letters: John Caliber

A two page little oddity. One panel per page with no dialogue, just narrative boxes. So a task for the artist and letterer to keep the eye busy. Nicely executed, some awful puns mind you.

BLUDD & XANDI Ke’zh part2
Writer: Mark Howard
Pencils: Tom Newell
Ink: Dave Candlish
Letters: Jim Campbell

Andel and Fallen Angel deal with the aftermath of Ke’zh visiting the diner last issue.

This is light hearted with slightly two dimensional personalities, straight laced Xandi and rough and ready Bludd. Perhaps think of an Angelic Dempsey and Makepeace.

I’ve had two issues to get used to the art now. It is stylistic and free flowing.

Writer: Jason Cobley
Art: Stephen Robert Prestwood
Letters: John Caliber

As I said in the intro this character and support cast is 30 years old but you don’t need to worry about backstory as Jason Cobley gives a great introduction to the setting. London in an alternate reality where Humans live alongside anthropomorphic animals.

World War II biplanes (check your history if you have forgotten that in WWII we were still using biplanes) zeppelins and flying Cybernetic Transforming Warplanes are in the air, in the case of the Cybernetics they are also on the ground.

Overall the art is very good my only gripe is that the animal’s heads are not of consistant structure. Hard to fit a Bulldog or Panda head on to a human body. It sounds harsh but it isn’t intended to be as it didn’t interfere with reading the story.

JIKAN – Shimasu
Writer: M JHoward
Art: El Chivo
Letters: John Caliber

A very interesting episode where Jikan finds himself jained with a growing group of mismatched warriors from different lands and different times. It seems the demon Shimasu has need of an elite band of warriors.

Art works well, each character is instantly recognisable, though the Viking does seem to have some form of product in his hair… Shimasu looks brilliant.

OOR GANESH – Mentos and Cola bowls Ganesh Over
Creators Unknown

Irreverent tale about an elephant headed boy and his misadventure with the science of fizzy drinks and sugar. This is in the style of Oor Wullie from DC Thomson.



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