Win original Judge Dredd artwork! Also Sláine & Rojaws!

2000AD ART ColinOn the 2000AD Comic Artwork Facebook Page there is a free to enter raffle for original pieces of Dredd artwork.

On the right is a page by Colin MacNeil which was the first piece announced. This is not from his epic Insurrection.. (actually I’m not sure what it is from which is slightly embarrasing). Donated by Dale Jackson.

There is no catch, other than it is a closed Facebook Group so you have to join to enter. It is a great opportunity to get your hands on some cool art.

2000AD Art CarlosAmong the art up for grabs is this one on the left by Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. Donated, ny Carlos who has said he’ll also dedicate it to the winner.

Dredd by Ezquerra… for free. Really, what’s not to like about this raffle?

There is a suggestion that as the prizes are good you might want to make a charitable donation via a Paypal Gift. The charity nominated is the Comic Book Defense Fund.

Organiser Dale Jackson says:

“We would like to suggest that anyone wishing to enter the raffle make a donation of £2 which will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund ( – this donation is completely voluntary and will not affect your chances of winning.

Anyone wishing to donate should message John Burdis as he is the most honest man I know in the 2000ad world… his paypal id is . A gift payment would be good to avoid fees.”

To enter simply go join the 2000AD Comic Artwork group and make a comment in the appropriate thread. The winners will be picked at random and the donation isn’t compulsory, just a suggestion.

Colin MacNeil and Carlos Ezquerra not enough for you? You want more for your no-buck?

2000AD ART PYEWell how about an original piece from Simon ‘Pye’ Parr? You may not know Pye, or rather you may not know that you know him. He is the head designer at Rebellion, publisher of 2000AD. He is in charge of making the comics, books and games that Rebellion publish look good.

This was not only donated by Pye but he drew it specifically for this raffle!

Not Dredd this time, this is of course Rojaws from Ro-Busters and ABC Warriors.

Two classic 2000AD characters and the title mentioned another…

2000AD ART NickMore from the pages of 2000AD this time donated by Sláine artist Nick Percival.

Nick recently illustrated Michael Carroll’s Dredd story ‘Trauma Town’

In May I was fortunate to meet Nick at Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd where I ran a panel about 2000AD Art – the How To Draw a Panel Panel (yes I thought the title was amusing).

A nice gesture from both Pye and Nick I am sure you’ll agree.

Judge Dredd, Sláine and Rojaws, what next?

2000AD art PaulMore from Judge Dredd, this time from Paul Marshall. This is from ‘Down on Sausage Tree Farm’ published in four parts in 1998.

This was also donated ny Mark Spencer. To be fair this was one of the first two donated but I thought I’d mix up the order I put them in.

Paul was last in the Prog in April this year on art duty for ‘The Flowers of Viber Hinge by David Baillie.

So that’s a decent list of 2000AD creators.

2000AD ART WilliamsHere is the final page donated so far, this one donated by Jonathon Cresswell.

This page is from the DC run of Judge Dredd and is by J H Williams III. I’m not familiar with the DC run, and I didn’t ever read Lawman of The Future… I’m not a completist.

So to recap. Six pages of original art, kindly donated by collectors and artists all available in a free to enter raffle, optional charitable donation. The only catch is tyou need a Facebook Account and you need to join the 2000AD Comic Artwork group then comment on the thread mentioned above.

I’m already a member of the group, I have already entered.

I understand more prizes are being added…


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