2000AD Prog 1886 – New Artist Tom Foster

1886 COVER2000AD Prog 1886

Published by Rebellion
General Release in shops UK/Ireland 18th June 2014
& worldwide digitally ‘day and date’

2000AD is Britain’s premiere comic aimed at the teen to adult market. A new artist may not seem that big news to some but this is quite a big deal.

Tom Foster won a paid commission at the 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble comic art festival in Leeds, November 2013 – quite some prize.

I regularly attend the two-day convention that brings a close to Thought Bubble’s week-long celebration of sequential art. I recognised Tom before the competition, he came a close second in 2012. I interviewed Tom after his win – you can read that interview here.

Regarding his debut in 2000AD Tom said:

“To my mind, 2000 AD‘s portfolio competition at Thought Bubble is the best thing any comics publisher is doing to encourage new talent at the moment. It gave me exactly what I needed as a newcomer: the right place at the right time – and I’m thrilled to have been given that chance.”

2000 AD editor-in-chief, Matt Smith, said:

“Tom’s work immediately stood out when I saw it at Thought Bubble as accomplished and very capable. He’d done a good job working from the sample script – his character design and storytelling were spot on, and he was clearly ready to appear within the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. Anyone thinking of entering the 2014 TB portfolio competition would be urged to do so as you never know where it may lead!”

So this is the result of the prize, a paid commission in Britain’s top comic.

The story is entitled ‘Done Deal’, written by Alec Worley (Age of the Wolf) and lettered by Ellie De Ville. This is a ‘Terror Tale’ which is an irregular feature of the anthology title. Terror Tales are short one episode stories, self-contained and usually only four pages long. The connection for all the stories is simply that they are horror themed, usually with a twist at the end.

Four pages tests both the Writer’s and Artist’s storytelling skills. As I’ve said I have seen Tom’s work before and storytelling is definitely one of his key strengths – as you read above Matt Smith certainly agrees.

Below are the first two pages of ‘Done Deal’.



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