Indigo Prime finale Prog 1887 – 25th June 2014

1887-coverProg 1887 brings the climax of Indigo Prime: Perfect Day part 8, a 12 page double length episode. Indigo Prime is a clandestine organisation that oversee the safety of reality. When reality becomes damaged Indigo Prime step in and repair the damage.

2000AD has never shied away from bringing stories that challenge the status quo. Several stories over the years have been direct comments on current political issues, the execution of British Prime Minister Dame Shirley Brown in Invasion for example, a thinly disguised Margaret Thatcher who at time of publication was the Leader of the Opposition in the UK Government.

This current Indigo Prime from writer/creator John Smith, with art from Lee Carter, the story sees the culmination of a plan hatched by a dying 312 year old Nazi – and it clearly has something to do with Jesus of Nazareth, who he replaced with a doppelganger in the last episode.

Subscribers received Prog 1887 on Saturday and the issue is on general realease Wednesday 25th June in shops in UK and digitally worldwide from the 2000AD webshop or from the 2000AD iPad/iPhone app.

This issue also sees the final episode of Judge Dredd: Traumatown by Michael Carroll and Nick Percival. There is a Time Twisters from Rob Williams and Simon Gurr called Burping Hitler and Grey Area: Nearer my God than Thee by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson.

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