Vampire Vixens of The Wehrmacht to be reprinted in Heavy Metal – spoiler light

heavymetallogoHeavy Metal magazine issue 270
Published August 2014
by Metal Mammoth Inc.

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht by The Emperor and Alex Ronald, lettered by Jim Campbell, was a smash hit in 2013. Published by Bump and Grind Comics the comic launched at Glasgow Comic Con on 13th July 2013 and went on to sell out at Thought Bubble in November 2013.

VV cover 1The story is set in World War Two.

The Germans have located  and reanimated for Vampires, four rather attractive female Vampires. These are thought top be a link to the origins of the Aryan Race.

The Vampire Vixens pose a substantial threat to the security of Great Britain. Winston Churchill recruits Army Chaplain Morris to go behind enemy lines to defeat the unholy menace.

Chaplain Morris isn’t going in alone however, his back up is Libyenah, a Vampire Vixen who has defected. Together they have to face the might of Hitler’s power.

Heavy Metal is a perfect magazine for Vampire Vixens to make the hop across the Atlantic. Debuting in April 1977 Heavy Metal is the US version of a French magazine called  Métal Hurlant.  Métal Hurlant was co-created by Jean Giraud, better known as Mœbius. Mœbius is named as an influence by many current artists. Today it is owned by the creator of Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.

It was the combination of erotica and science fiction that made Heavy Metal famous. Vampire Vixens isn’t so much science fiction but it is erotica with a good heap of fantasy.

I think this story will prove very popular with regular readers of Heavy Metal. Great news for those of us that are already fans of the comic!

As a teaser below is the first page, just to show the standard of the artwork from Lex. You can read my review by following this link.

VV page1


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