Mars Attacks: First Born issue 2 – spoiler light

MA_FirstBorn02_cvrSUBMars Attacks Issue 2
A miniseries
Published by IDW

Story by Chris Ryall & Sam Kieth
Writer: Chris Ryall
Artist: Sam Kieth
Letterer: Shawn Lee

Mars Attacks created by Len Brown

The Tim Burton film was on last night here in the UK and I realised I hadn’t reviewed this book from last Wednesday! I’m a bit behind on my reviews of several comics, apologies.

So last month we met Woody, his niece Clare and the adopted member of the family named Baby. This issue we meet a few of the neighbours.

To recap – the Martians have attacked and laid waste to most of USA, one assumes most of the world. Survivors are dotted around but now and then the Martians turn up, as though searching for something…

This issue follows on with themes of innocence and hope. Clare meets the neighbourhood mischieves, Clint and Stefan and has to decide if she can trust them. Most importantly can she trust them around Baby? The boys soon realise Clare is blind…

The story has a gentle pacing, not quite languid. In fact I found myself feeling quite disappointed when I reached the last page – in a good way. I wanted more.

I’m loving the artwork, though at times it isn’t clear what is going on with Darlene’s hair.

I’m pretty intrigued where this is going to go.

MA FB2 1 MA FB2 2 3 MA FB2 4 5


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