Rogue Trooper CLASSICS issue 3 from IDW – spoiler light (preview pages)

RogueTrooperClassics03-coverRogueTrooperClassics03-covSUBRogue Trooper Classics
Issue 3 Published by IDW

Writer: Gerry Finlay-Day
Artists: Dave Gibbons,
Colin Wilson, Mike Dorey
Letterer: Bill Nuttall
Colourist: Adrian Salmon

Cover Art: Mike Dorey
Colours: Adrian Salmon
Art: John McCrea (far right)
Colours: Andrew Elder

This issue picks up the story from Issue 2 with The Rookies Part 2. You might be able to pick up issue 2 still when you get issue 3. If not it shouldn’t take much catching up.

These are reprints from 2000AD in the original ratio which is wider in aspect when compared to US Format or current UK Format. There is a bottom margin illustration on each page to fill the white space created by this size of the story artwork, the preview pages below are slightly messy at the edges as the mask with the margin illustration isn’t included. It all looks much neater in print. I’ve just included the first page to two of the episodes included in this issue.

The difference between Norts and Southers is fairly simple in these stories. Whilst not all Norts are sneaky and underhand many are. Not all Southers are clean cut and honest folk but many are. Rogue though is the more human element of the story, which is interesting as he isn’t actually classified as a human in his world.

We learn in this issue about some early genetic experiments. We also learn that Rogue may not be quite as indestructible as we thought.

The stories are from another era and the black and white, good and bad, may seem a little dated but for me the stories still stand up.

Art wise it is superb or at least the original inks are from the classic pages. A few of the colour choices do seem a bit odd, a purplish coloured Rogue for example… Overall though the colourised pages don’t really phase me.

RTC 2 1RTC 2 2



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