The Royals: Masters of War by Rob Williams – issue 5 (spoilers)

TRoyals 5he Royals: Masters of War
a six issue mini-series

Published by Vertigo June 2014

Writer: Rob Williams
Pencils: Simon Coleby
Inks: Gary Erskine
Colorist: JD Mettler
Letters: Wes Abbott

Cover: Coleby & Mettler

I’m pretty late with this review, Issue 6 is due out on Wednesday the 9th of July… I will endeavour to review that by the 10th.

The story picks up in advance of the D-Day landings. Britain is under constant bombardment and the King is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. Prince Arthur is constantly out drinking and womanising. Princess Rose has lost her mind, after all Prince Oscar of Hanover has taken up residence. Leaving Prince Henry. the only British Royal still active in the war against Hitler, consumed with guilt.

This, if you were unaware, is an alternative timeline where the Royals of the world rose to rule their lands as they alone had superpowers. Sworn to keep out of the wars their subjects wage against each other one by one they are breaking that treaty.

Not a great deal I can add regarding the plot without giving away two or three MAJOR spoilers. This issue is after all setting us up for the finale that will take us back to where we came in with the opening scene of Issue 1 where Henry was confronting an enemy that we didn’t get to see… the British traitor one would assume.

Brilliant plotting and execution by Rob Williams with Churchill and Eisenhower lending their historical presence to help ground the story. You can try to second guess Rob Williams but he’ll surprise you within ten seconds.

The art remains outstanding. Page one with the destruction scenes in London and page two showing the weary King – brilliant. A joy to read.

So with me feeling there is a lot I can’t say – I hate spoilers so won’t give any big ones – I’m left with stating that the next issue will most certainly be a doozie!


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