Fourth of July – more to it than many think.


The Star Spangled Banner – held at the Smithsonian

I read an interesting article today written by Michael Molcher – he is the PR for Rebellion (owners of 2000AD) so he is the chap I get the 2000AD or Abaddon books products from for my reviews. That’s his day job.

Mike is a member of the Sealed Knot, an English Civil War re-enactment Society. I read his blog from time to time, I follow it so keep up to date. The article that I am talking about is entitled Does 4th July 1776 mark the end of the English Civil Wars?.

In the article Mike discusses the similarities between the English Civil War, The American War of Independence and the American Civil War. It is an interesting read.

Many people don’t recognise the links at that time between English and American politics beyond the fact there was a revolution. Usually all that people focus on in the American War of Independence is the ‘Boston Tea Party’ and ‘No Taxation without Representation’ it all runs much deeper than that of course.

The recent TV Series ‘New worlds’, aired here in the UK on Channel 4, showed some of the connection that existed between the Puritan exodus to the colonies and the English Civil War. Many returned from the colonies to fight for the Parliamentarians and some surviving Parliamentarians fled to the colonies afterwards.

There is much more to it all of course than religious freedom, for example slavery plays part of the War of Independence and a major part of the American Civil War. But the links between the three wars are quite tenable.

I used the Star Spangled Banner as the image for this article but I’m sure many of you know that this is from a different war… but then again many in the UK for instance think that the US National Anthem, Star Spangled Banner, is about the American War of Independence. Not so, this flag was seen hanging over Fort McHenry on the morning of 14th September, 1814 following a bombardment by English naval forces. The writer, Francis Scott Key, had been a hostage of the English during the battle.

The 4th of July – the only date the US writes in the same way as the rest of the English speaking world… Happy Independence Day USA.


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