The Final Charge – Royal Armouries 23rd to 25th August

TheFinalCharge3August Bank Holiday Weekend 2014.
Royal Armouries Leeds
8 adults
£6 Concessions
£25 Family (2+2)

Atkinson Action Horses are bringing their WWI horse show to Royal Armouries Leeds.

I’ve been to see the team several times, you’ll find many articles on this blog about them. They always put on a great show and are very welcoming to the audience, you can get up close to the stars of the show afterwards (yes I mean the horses).

Atkinson Action Horses supply horses for the Jousting at Royal Armouries, the team provide mounted Squires and Ground Crew at these events. They also have put on several of their own shows.

I haven’t seen this show before but my Son and his Fiance saw them perform it earlier this year at Castle Howard. Seasoned Royal Armouries goers they know what they are watching and came back with only good things to say.

This show follows the exploits of Charles and his horse Benito as they battle to survive the Great War. There will be quite a few stunts throughout the show from the Horses, Riders and Ground Crew.

I’ve also spent time behind the scenes with these guys and I can assure you that the health and safety of their horses is their highest priority. The horses are superbly trained and behave brilliantly when the public get to meet them, stroke away with safety.

Highly recommend you give this show a go.

You can book here.


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