DREDD: The Illustrated Script & Visuals – Alex Garland & Jock

Dredd ScreenplayDREDD: The Illustrated Script and Visuals

Publication date: 17 JULY 2014
Pages: 240

Price: £25 UK & Ireland / $35 US / $40 Canada

Diamond order code: MAY141560
ISBN: 978-1-78108-291-1

Just so that no one is under any misconception – I’m reviewing this from a Pdf, no physical review copies exist.

So, Dredd 2012, how about that? Regular readers of this blog will know that it was that film that started me out doing this Reviews Blog. I actually took time out of a trip visiting my Daughter and her family in Liverpool to go to London for the Fan Prerelease Screening of this film after winning the ticket on 2000AD’s Twitter.


The Hardback version of this book has sold out at source – that source was the 2000AD Futureshop (they dropped the name ‘Futureshop a while back, I’m old school).

I am aware that you may be able to bag one of these at OK Comics in Leeds.

Firstly let me explain again that I am reviewing from a Pdf. This won’t be distributed digitally I don’t think and rightly so. I’m a firm fan of paper comics and books. I do see the use of electronic copies for back catalogue and going on holiday etc but comics and illustrated books such as this one are meant for paper.

For one thing even with my Pdf reader in ‘two up’ mode I still don’t get the full satisfaction of double spreads. ~Plus light hits paper very differently to how your eye reads a screen. I’m slightly less picky with novels… slightly… (that new book smell!!!).

There is an intro from Alex Garland which sets the scene. This is followed by an intro by Jock in which he explains how he got involved in the film. Many of you may already know that Jock’s drawings of what he thought the movie should look like were picked up online and misconstrued by other people as official. DNA liked them and the slightly embarrassing incident ended up coming out aces for Jock.

In this impressive volume there is the screenplay, production images and accompanying notes from Jock. Also running alongside is a comic version of the story in Jock’s inks only. This doesn’t exactly reflect the film, for example Ma-Ma is a weighty lady.

The layout, kudos to Simon Parr, of the contents of this book are admirable.

For one thing you can easily read just the comic if you want as each page of the comic is on the same side so you can ignore the facing page and speed through with just the comic. Your reading in that manner would be interrupted only by the odd double spread of colour artwork. Similarly you could just read the screen play by going through the book only looking at the other side. Or you can read the script then see the corresponding comic page on the facing page.

I can’t see many Dredd fans not wanting a copy of this.


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