Judge Dredd & 2000AD fan sites (not exhaustive…)

2000AD-LogoIt is no secret that despite this blog began as a 2000AD inspired (mostly Judge Dredd) blog. Guess what? I’m not the only one… there is the official 2000AD Forum for one thing.

Some of the other sites have been going much longer than mine and these are a few of the ones. I’ve been aware of some for longer than I have been writing on this blog. I’m not saying these are better than any I don’t mention, no disrespect to any I haven’t included.

The sites are varied, News sites, Reviews, Opinions, etc. As with myself they don’t particularly take themselves too seriously. They are however rather dedicated to the subject they cover.

Here are my selections, feel free to let me know if I haven’t included your favourite (or your site!). I’ll be doing another of these later this year. Each entry has a link to the site, please go look at them as I commend them all.

johnburdis-inksThe Cellar of Dredd
Run by: John Burdis
Format: Blog using Blogger
Type: Memorabilia
Style: Text with illustrations
Youtube Channel:  Yes

The Cellar of Dredd has been featured in SFX and Comic Heroes and John Burdis is widely known among Judge Dredd fans in the UK.

As well as regaling us with his mighty collection of memorabilia John can often be found at conventions as Senior Street Judge Burdis. He was stunt double for Edmund Dehn in the fan film Judge Minty.

newlogo copy2000AD Covers Uncovered
Run by: Pete Wells
Format: Blog using Blogger
Type: Art
Style: Text with illustrations
Youtube Channel: not to my knowledge

Pete’s a very enthusiastic fan of 2000AD and well-known on the convention circuit. This has given him great access to mant of the artists who have worked in 2000AD over the years.

This site is brilliant, artists give Pete progress images of the covers they have done and commentary. Pete adds his own flavour with his own comments to make the whole experience really enjoyable.

banner-dreddECBT 2000AD (Everything Comes Back To 2000AD)
Run by: Rich McCauliffe
Format: Blog using WordPress
Type: News & Reviews
Style: Text with illustrations, Podcasts
Youtube Channel: no

This one is a powerhouse and Rich has many able assistants, including his wife Iz, Orlok, Flintlockjaw, Shaolin Monkey and others.

Posts on the blog range from short sharp news flashes to full-blown detailed review. This one is the closest to overlapping with what I do here on Judge-Tutor Semple but we aren’t competing. For one thing they do more specific 2000AD reviews than I do and even if I did Podcasts I’d never dent their figures. Indeed we do reblog each other and sometimes Rich reformats my articles (with full permission) to include them on there.

10403167_10152509305669526_8340744130079564764_nUK Judges Forum
Run by: Committee
Format: Forum powered by Proboards
Type: Cosplay. Community
Style: Forum
Youtube Channel: Yes

This was relaunched on Friday 1st August 2014.

Perhaps predominantly for Cosplay design sharing and publicising Patrols at Conventions.

However their scope is much bigger and they are already acting as a signposting service to many sites that deal with Judge Dredd and other things related to 2000AD.

They’ve already taken an official stand on the Judge Dredd (95) vs Dredd (2012) issue declaring they are promoting both films. They will also bring awareness of any Fan Films set in the Dredd universes (comic, 2012, etc). So they intend to be inclusive and let any fan of any Dredd be a part of the wider community – I am on there as Judge-Tutor Semple.


So that four sites summed up in moments. Do please check them out, don’t be shy in talking to them. I’ll do another article similar to this later this year so as I said above don’t despair if I haven’t mentioned your favourite & feel free to tell me about any you know.


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