Rogue Trooper CLASSICS issue 4 from IDW – spoiler light (preview pages)


RogueTrooperClassics04_cvr RogueTrooperClassics04_cvrSUBRogue Trooper Classics
Issue 4 Published by IDW

Writer: Gerry Finlay-Day
Artists: Dave Gibbons, Colin Wilson
Letterer: Bill Nuttall
Colourist: Charlie Kirchoff

Cover Art: Dave Gibbons
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
Art: John McCrea (far right)
Colours: Andrew Elder

This issue starts off with part 3 (of 3) of the story ‘Fear of the Machine’… so read issue 3 first. But as with the style of writing back when this was published the first couple of panels give enough recap in case you haven’t.

These are reprints of classic 2000AD stories from Progs 248-253 reprinted in the original ratio and colourised. You will see from the preview pages below how they deal with the old 2000AD ratio being quite different from US format.

Following the finale of ‘Fear of the Machine’ is a 2-part story ‘Dreamweavers’ and the over arcing story of finding the Traitor General features with the 3-parter ‘Buzzard’ that rounds out this issue.

This issue reinforces Rogue’s sense of duty towards all Southers, not just his GI brethren. It also highlights the Bio-chips’ different values, primarily keeping Rogue alive. And as usual the Southers are mostly depicted as the good guys and the Norts are shown in a lass sympathetic light.

I questioned some of the colour choices last issue, this issue it all seems fine. Great artwork as ever from Dave Gibbons.

I think Jon McCrea did a great job on his cover this issue, drawing on the IDW originals as well as the classics.

RT Class 4 pg1RT Class 4 pg2RT Class 4 pg3RT Class 4 pg4RT Class 4 pg5


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