Anderson Psi Division – part 1 (of 4) – spoiler light (includes 5 preview pages)

JD_PSI01-cvrSUBJD_PSI01-cvrAnderson Psi Division
The King of the Six Sectors
Issue 1 or 4

Published by IDW
13 August 2014

Writer: Matt Smith
Artist: Carl Critchlow
JD_PSI01-cvrRILetters: Shawn Lee

Cover Art:
Matt Haley (right)
Mimi Yoon  (far right)
Chris Weston (lower right)

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra
Psi Judge Anderson created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland

Last year Matt Smith wrote Judge Dredd: Year One detailing an early case handled by Dredd. This issue starts with a flash back to that story, see the preview pages below.

That mini series was excellent and give me high hopes for this one.

For those that might not know Matt Smith is the head Editor for 2000AD. He decides what can happen in the 2000AD continuity of Dredd, including allowing a new design of Lawmaster here and telling John Wagner he can’t write Dredd’s death scene…

Here he is setting out where Anderson fits in IDW continuity.

Cassandra Anderson in Dredd 2012 was a mutant due to the proximity of her family’s home to the outer limits of the city, she is apparently the first Psi Judge. In 2000AD she is simply one of many of many Psi Judges, albeit their ‘best operator’. Here it appears to be suggested her powers came from the incident that happened in 2080.

24 years after that incident Anderson is a qualified Judge, living in her own apartment. It is a common misconception that Judges live in communal quarters or some such. While some do live in Sector Houses or other Justice Department buildings many maintain an apartment in a city Block, Dredd famously lived in Rowdy Yates Block in 2000AD.

A very interesting introduction to Anderson, yes she has been in IDW’s ongoing Judge Dredd series but this is her origin story, it seems.

Not sure I’ve seen a Department Head with two Eagles on his shoulders as Psi Judge Omar is depicted. We also see Texas City and parts of the Cursed Earth in this issue.

A great start to what I expect wuill be a great mini series.

Anderson p1Anderson p2Anderson p3Anderson p4Anderson p5


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