2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble

TB 14 Port2000AD Portfolio Competition

Thought Bubble Comic Convention

Portfolio Session Saturday 15th
Final Sunday 16th November 2014

Every year 2000AD run a competition at Thought Bubble, the premiere Comic Convention in Leeds. The prize? A PAID commission that will be published in 2000AD, Britain’s leading anthology comic, the birthplace of Judge Dredd.

Thought Bubble is a week long celebration of continuous art. There are events throughout the city all week culminating in a weekend Comic Convention at the Royal Armouries. Starting as a small part of the Leeds International Film Festival Thought Bubble now has now expanded to cover three large halls with exhibitors, shops and signings as well as multiple rooms with talks, panels and often videos. One ticket gains access to all the activities, so all rides & slides are free! The talks, panels, etc do have limited space do early queuing is sometimes necessary .

The 2000AD Portfolio Competition falls in to two parts. To enter you will need a valid pass for both days of the convention (ticket details here).

There is a sample script available (find it here). Entrants need to do full illustrated versions of this script, no lettering required, and show the finished version to 2000AD Editor, Matt Smith, on Saturday 15th November. Please note that it must be this sample script for entry to the competition and Matt Smith may not have time to see any portfolios that do not include this story.

The best six will be selected by Matt Smith and will proceed to the final on Sunday 16th November.

The final is rather like Dragons Den. The artist is invited on to stage to introduce himself and talk about his work. A panel of 2000AD artists, sometimes a 2000AD script writer or two, will then proceed to rip it apart (err I mean constructively criticise it).

It is an amazing prize as 2000AD is as I said in the introduction to this article the UK’s top anthology comic. It has run since 1977, created by Pat Mills (Charley’s War), and has launched the careers of many of the greats of comics in those years such as Alan Moore (writer of Batman, V for Vendetta, Watchmen), Mark Millar (writer of Kick Ass), Jock (artist for Batman & concept artist on Dredd 2012).

I interviewed last year’s winner, Tom Foster, and you can see his entry in that interview, his work was published in Prog 1886, 18th June 2014.

I am certain the standard of entries will be very high, they are each year, but this is an awesome opportunity. You can have been published before, so long as it wasn’t in 2000AD or Judge Dredd Megazine. So fanzine or small press artists are clearly eligible.

Good luck and I’ll see you there – if you win expect being approached for an interview.


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