Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – A look back to May 2014

lawgiver-a-celebration-of-Dredd-event-birminghamLawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd was the first full day convention arranged by Rule32 on Bank Holiday Monday, 5th May 2014.

A new video is out with interviews of some of those that attended. You can view the video further in to this article.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was part of the organising committee, not that I actually organised much. I ran two of the Panels and I liaised with Jared Butler to obtain some really cool VO for the event. From my standpoint it was a brilliant event.

Guests included Judge Dredd scribe and co-creator John Wagner. Fellow Dredd writer Michael Carroll and artists David Roach, Peter Doherty and Nick Percival.

Also for the first time at any convention Edmund Dehn, star of the hugely popular fan film Judge Minty was present. Judge Minty Writer/Director Stephen Sterlacchini and Director of Photography Steve Green were also guests.

We had a group of official Judges for the event and many more came along to join in the fun.

As well as four Panels featuring our guests we also screened Dredd (2012) and Judge Minty.

I think the video gives a really great account of the event. Judge for yourself…


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