Jaegir by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby – spoiler free

JAEGIR coverJaegir
Published by Rebellion

32 Page US Format
27 th august 2014
Diamond order code JUN141396

Writer: Gordon Rennie
Artist: Simon Coleby
Colours: Len O’Grady
Letters: Simon Bowland

Editor: Matt Smith

Rogue Trooper was created by Gerry Finlay-Day and Dave Gibbons

This is a new story set in the 2000AD continuity of Rogue Trooper but full knowledge of that background isn’t essential. However those reading this story who have read the original Rogue Trooper (not Friday) will see extra levels in some elements.

The main difference is that the central character is a member of the opposing side in the war. Nordland

Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir is an officer of the Nordland State Security Police working for The Office of Public Truth. Her task, seek out and bring to justice War Criminals

Anyone familiar with the original Rogue Trooper will find this idea interesting I’m sure. After all Rogue’s stories tended to be pretty black and white on the subject of good versus bad in this war. Nordland, or the Norts as Rogue referred to them, were almost always shown in a negative light. They were shown to be ruthless, pitiless, underhanded, cowardly and all round bad guys. so surely no shortage of quarry for Jaegir?

Nordland has always seemed to be comparable to Nazi Germany or Cold War Russia in origins. Names and titles certainly tended to give that idea. Similarly in the original Rogue stories the broken English used seemed a Germanic/Russian mix. Gone are the language use, as this is set among the Norlanders the language is clearly translated in to standard English.

The art is excellent. The uniforms are the same as in Rogue Trooper and the general feel from these Norts is familiar. So it is in keeping with the originals yet different enough to be fresh. The art is alive and there are frequent insets and gutter breaks that keep the eye entertained without distraction.

The colours are mostly subdued and give a grimy feel to much of Nordland.





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