AAIIEEE!!! Night Flight of Terror – a horror Anthology

AAIIEEE!!! #2 coloured by StevenAAIIEEE!!!
Night Flight of Terror

A Horror Anthology
Edited by Dave Candlish
Paperback £3.00
E-Book £0.99

Featuring the talents of:

Dave Candlish, John Caliber, Kelvin Green, Tim West, Pictsy, Jim Campbell, Si Spencer, Tom Newall, HdE, Sean Brink, Dave Metcalfe-Carr, Jim Cameron, Tom Proudfoot & George Coleman

Dave Candlish is the Editor of the ongoing anthology Paragon, yiu can find reviews of Paragon elsewhere on this Blog.

When I say ‘Featuring the talents of’ it is important to look at some of those names closer.
Si Spencer wrote a number of Judge Dredd stories in the 1990s for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. His stories include Creep (and several sequels).
Jim Campbell co created Inspectre with Kev Walker for Judge Dredd Megazine, co-writing the stories with Kev Walker. He is now a professional Letterer on titles such as Hoax Hunters and Department and Monsterology as well as the amazing Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht.
Steven Denton is the colouristfor Department and Monsterology and coloured Tharg’s 3rillers: Voodoo Planet. Steven also has his own anthology series, including Massacre for Boys.

I’v singled out some of the more recognisable names to highlight the quality on offer.

The majority of this issue has five stories book-ended by a tale from Editor Dave Candlish, lettered by John Caliber (who by the way has written Judge Dredd material for RPG compant Mongoose and is the man behin City of Dredd) Five passengers on a plane are having odd dreams…

More Than You Can Chew – Kelvin Green
A young American on holiday in Eastern Europe wakes tied to a torture chair… how did he get there and what is going on?

A great little tale with a very well judged twist.

Water of Life – Script Tim West, Art Pictsy. Letters Jim Campbell
Two old college room-mates meet after several years, one appears to have been treated gentler by time than the other.

An adventure story with very nice grey-tone art.

Symphony in B Flat Minor – Script Si Spencer, Art Tom Newell, Letters HdE
A talented musician looses her hands due to the clumsiness of her bumbling fiance.

Witty and light tale with a slightly predictable twist with brilliant delivery.

Fatal Illusion – Script Sean Brink, Art & Letters Dave Metcalfe-Carr
A teen girl fails to go to bed when her mother ibstructs her to because she is playing an online game similar to Cluedo.

Very engaging script with beautiful art.

4D – Script Sean Brink, Art Jim Cameron, Letters HdE
Henry is a patient in a secure hospital who was told he wasn’t insane…

Again a tale with a twist but it isn’t very predictable, he might even technically be sane…

The book-end explains why they are having disturbing dreams…


The main part of the book is followed by:

Tales from Amicus by Gareth Preston

An article about films by Amicus, one of the competitors of the much more remembered Hammer House of Horror.

A small write up about Amicus is followed by short but detauiled comments on their films. It is a very interesting read and answere a question I’ve had for years. (the answer was From Beyond The Grave)

The Major: The De’ils Jig – Script Tom Proudfoot, Art George Coleman, Letters Tim West
An elderly man receives a caller from beyond with a lesson in his past.

Great art, great script and a very well deserved end.

Grave Tales by Dave Candlish

An article about the 2011 film Grace Tales and the four comic stories that were the source material.

Excellent article and if you haven’t seen the film I think you’ll end up wanting to.


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