Battle Bridge – Boudicca clashes with the Romans in London 29th to 31st August 2014

Stories_BattleBridge_Mast2Battle Bridge
Boudicca vs the Romans – an immersive experience

Kings Cross, London
Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August 2014

Romans and Britons clash this weekend in the modern English capital

Back then the capital of England was Camulodunum (modern Colchester) and Boudicca’s army had sacked the capital before marching on Londonium (London). Both cities were razed.

KX - Boudicca 1A mixture of entertainment is taking place Including the presence of characters from the period. Boudicca to the right with her Roman counterpart, the Roman governor, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus.

There will be a mounted display including horsemanship and chariots.

Outdoor screenings are taking place of similarly themed movies, free to all. The films include Asterix and Obelix and Spartacus.

Also available for the weekend is Roman food (not sure how authentic, tasty dormouse anyone?) mosaic making, Roman hair & beauty tips and more.

Among the performers you will have the chance to see over the weekend are Atkinson Action Horses who will ve there as Romans and Celts. Paulinus in the picture above is Michael Collin from the team (sorry I haven’t discovered for certain who is portraying Boudicca)

More details on the official website, you can also follow the event on Twitter (below). Also on Twitter you can find Atkinson Action Horses (feel free to tell them I sent you ;)).

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