2000AD Prog 1897 out 03/09/14 (spoiler free)

2000-AD-PROG-1897Published by Rebellion
3rd September 2014
Paper (£2.45) & Digital (£1.99)


Judge Dredd: Cascade part 4
Aquila: Carnifex part 8
Brass Sun: Floating Worlds part 10
Black Shuck  part 7
Jaegir: Circe part 5

Cover by Alex Ronald

I haven’t done regular reviews of 2000AD for quite a while. Given this blog started as predominantly Judge Dredd & 2000AD that may seem a little odd.

Well there is a new ‘jump on Prg’ on the way, Prog 1900, and I will start reviewing the weekly issues from that issue.

For now though feast your eyes on this week’s amazing cover by Alex Ronald, below without the logo, lettering, barcode, etc. Alex’s covers are brilliant, I’d like to see him inside 2000AD soon, you can find his work in the current issue of Heavy Metal with Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht.

2000AD prog 1897

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