Mars Attacks: First Born Issue 4 – spoiler light with 5 preview pages


Mars Attacks Issue 4
A 4 issue miniseries
Published by IDW

Story by Chris Ryall & Sam Kieth
Writer: Chris Ryall
Artist: Sam Kieth
Letterer: Shawn Lee

Mars Attacks created by Len Brown

The story of a little girl called Clare who has adopted a stranded baby Martian, called Baby.

The Martians keep coming back, we assume searching for the missing youngster but we can’t really be sure. They certainly don’t seem friendly though.

Baby on the other hand is hardly any trouble for Clare. Her Uncle Woody went missing last issue though and Clare, Baby and their neighbour. only known to Clare as ‘Lady’, ended up in a big hole.

Character growth is acheived in this issue for both Clare and Lady. Clare’s blindness has gone and so has much of the confusion of Lady. The mischevious boys return with help.

This is the last issue and I think it is a shame there were only four issues. In some ways the story might have benefited by being tighter but I think there was more that could have been explored with a longer run. That said it was enjoyable – though a bit of a sad ending.

Style wise, in writing and art – I loved it. Very nicely designed throughout.MA FB 4 p1MA FB 4 p2MA FB 4 p3MA FB 4 p4_5



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