The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – Fourth issue

Psych Journal 4 cover

Edited by Owen Watts
Assistant Editor Geoffery Crescent

Cover Art – Alex Ronald
Lettered by – Jim Campbell

Andi Ewington, Seb Antoniou, Daniel Bell, David Black, Paul Ridgon, David Sands, Jake Rowlinson, Chris Denton, Jordan Collver, Matthew Allen, Dave Thomson, Michael Norwitz, Stephen Prestwood, Bolt-01, Oscar Maltby, Neil Williams, Andrew Scaife, Shaun Avery, Chris Askham, Arran Frood, Bruno Stahl, Blas Bigatti, David Broughton, Paul Bradford, Joe Palmer, Geoffery Crescent, Gavin Mitchell

Paperback £6.00 

The fourth issue and you can read reviews of the earlier three issues elsewhere on this blog. The cover is from Alex Ronald who has recently been providing quite a few covers for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine and lettered by Jim Campbell. If you search this blog Jim’s name turns up in small press to Independent US publishers.

I’ve seen work from many of these contributors before. Some have been in earlier editions of this Journal or in other small press comics I have reviewed such as Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Paragon. I’ve also seen Bruno Stahl present his work at the 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble.

So this Journal can pull in contributions from professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs. This is why I am always keen to review each issue. Who knows where we will see these names next?

I love anthologies but when the stories are short with a twist at the end a full review without spoilers is hard so the reviews of each story are brief. As a whole this Journal is a must.

Ask Not
Andi Ewington & Seb Antoniou
Letters by Daniel Bell

A ‘what if’ Kennedy had survived assassination. Plus who was the second shooter?

If you are familiar with the history the words aren’t actually required to tell this tale. Which shows good writing. Of course the words are there for those that don’t. Simple and clear art that does the work perfectly.

David Black & Paul Ridgon

An assassin, sent through time for one job. Just one job.

A very well put together story with a marvelous twist, the plot addresses the Grandfather Paradox. Again the art is simple and clean and leads the reader through the tale well.

Birthday Present
David Sands & Jake Rowlinson

King & Queen Rockford have a spoiled daughter, Princess Golddust. What does one get one’s cherished daughter for her birthday when she already has everything she wants?

Love it! This story has energy, an interesting plot and a great twist; solving a world-famous mystery to boot. The art is animated and full of character.

The Ghost of Montague Hall
Story – Chris Denton
Art – Jordan Collver

Time traveler gets mistaken for a ghost with shocking results.

A zinger of a plot with surprising twist. The art is lovely, nice use of split page to show past and future.

Jurassic Crash
Story – Matthew Allen
Art – Dave Thomson

Popping back in time, breaking down & hunting dinosaurs. What could possibly go wrong?

Lovely story with an unexpected end. Love the colours used in the art.

Mackerelman Meets The Lady of The Lake
Story – Michael Norwitz
Art – Stephen Prestwood
Letters Bolt-01

Young Mickey Greaves, possessor of the Key Harmonic. In times of crisis he can summon the powers of the seven seas and become – Mackerelman!

A marvelous ‘boys own’ style romp with robots and Merlin. Excellent fun. Though the hero is a bit fishy.

Meaty Love
Story – Oscar Maltby
Art – Neil Williams
Letters – Andrew Scaife

A genius from 2014 longs for that special time in 1996.

Causing a paradox and getting what you want. That’s always good. Right? A simple and effective tale.

The Sleep House
Story – Shaun Avery
Art – Chris Askham
Letters – Bolt-01

Time travel, sleep machines and witchcraft.

The plot is simple with a kind-hearted soul hoping to make life better in the future. The art gives personality to the characters in this sad little story.

Time for Justice

Story – Arran Frood
Art – Bruno Stahl
Letters – Bolt-01

A game show where prisoners from Death Row get the chance of a full pardon and a new life. All they have to do is volunteer for experimental time travel experiments – screened live on TV.

A snappy script with good storytelling from the art. Another great twist to the tale.

The Universal Market
Story – Blas Bigatti
Art – David Broughton

Time travelling to obtain ingredients for the kitchen.

Cautionary tale about getting casual about time travel when it is a daily routine of shopping.

The Warning
Story – Stu Perrins
Art – Aiden Barnard
Letters – Andrew Scaife

A time traveler attempts to put a young man on the right path.

A story of disappointment, though to be fair he turned out OK didn’t he? The art is very individualistic and that’s a compliment by the way.

What Are The Odds
Story – Paul Bradford
Art – Joe Palmer
Letters – Bolt-01

A time traveler warns the teenage John Mitchum of the danger coming. In the future President John Mitchum is going to make a world-changing decision.

A feel of Terminator t this one, without Arnie. A really nicely plotted story and a good twist.

Thyme Travel
Story – Geoffery Crescent
Art – Gavin Mitchell

Back of the magazine one page hit of chrono-culinary


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