Save the Snooty Fox, Wakefield – An online campaign

SnootyThe Snooty Fox in Wakefield is a live rock music venue. The owner, Malc Shipman, runs a great venue that is full of character.

Not only do they deliver a top notch sound for the bands and audience but they film the performance and stream the concerts LIVE, subject to copyright.

I’ve been several times, you can read my review of Fox Fest from February 2013. I don’t write much about live music but I do appreciate live bands in local venues (by that I mean pubs and bars rather than huge Arenas and ‘local’ outdoor concerts rather than V or Glastonbury).

Too many local venues close without replacement and it’d be a shame to see one as good as Snooty Fox to go the same way.

Malc has opened a ‘Go Fund Me’ account to raise money to clear some debt and upgrade the facilities. Donations, no matter how small, could help save this great venue.


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