Anderson Psi Division – part 2 (of 4) – spoiler light (includes 5 preview pages)


Anderson Psi Division
The King of the Six Sectors
Issue 2 or 4

Published by IDW
10th September 2014

Writer: Matt Smith
Artist: Carl Critchlow
JD_PSI02-cvrRILetters: Shawn Lee

Cover Art:
Matt Haley (right)
Mimi Yoon  (far right)
Ilya Krushinov (lower right)

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra
Psi Judge Anderson created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland

This story ties in with last year’s acclaimed IDW Judge Dredd mini-series by Matt Smith, Judge Dredd: Year One. It isn’t a direct sequel as such and if you haven’t read Year One you’ll follow this story fine (though I suggest catching up with Year One as it is a fine read).

For those who don’t know – Matt Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of 2000AD products at Rebellion. He Edits 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine and is in charge of such decisions as which 2000AD stories get the US Format treatment (such as the Movie Sequel Dredd: Underbelly). Here instead of editing for 2000AD he is scripting for IDW.

The action picks up from last month’s cliff hanger deep in the Alabama Morass where Anderson was investigating with Texas City’s Judge Degroot.

Degroot is Texas City’s only Psi Judge, a practitioner of Psychogeography. Means she is in tune with the natural environment and can read it, see what is where and when it passed by, etc. (as seen in issue 1).

The plot gives us more than a look at Texas City Judges and parts of the Cursed Earth we get to see Wally Squad and parts of Mega City One underworld. All from the brain of the man in charge of 2000AD.

Carl Critchlow was a great choice for this title as you will see in the pages below. There is enough in these five pages to illustrate his storytelling and variety with action and psychic projections. And unlike most US comics Critchlow has done the pencils, inks and colours.

Sales were lower than I expected on Issue 1, around the  sales figures for the ongoing IDW Judge Dredd. Frankly this is better than the ongoing series so I hope the figure picks up. That said the latest couple of issues of the ongoing series have picked up the standard.

Anderson 2 pg1Anderson 2 pg2Anderson 2 pg3Anderson 2 pg4Anderson 2 pg5


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