rEVENGER – issue 1 by Warwick Fraser-Coombe – spoiler light

by Warwick Fraser-Coombe
(Written, painted & lettered)

Issue 1 published September 2014

Available for £3.50 + £2.00 P&P UK
Outside UK ask for a quote
Contact Warwick via FB

Recommended for mature readers

I saw a recommendation for this comic on Facebook from Neil McClements, you can see some of Neil’s art in my original fiction There are Others Out There and I have reviewed Neil’s work in a couple of anthologies, including the recent World War One tome To End All Wars.

So knowing Neil’s talent I heeded his recommendation.

This is an origin story and a scene setter where Warwick Fraser-Coombe introduces us to the world as seen by the central character. The story is self contained.

I mention the self contained aspect of this comic as some readers are put off by self published comics due to the long gaps that often occue between issues. So the lack of cliffhanger is in fact a good selling point for this.

That said it is issue 1. More issues are expected, Issue 2 is entitled The Shadow Constabulary.

It is modern Britain and the story starts in a London Apartment where a masked man is making a recording that is detailing his actions and is clearly intended for the police. He has started a one man war “against corruption, crime, drug dealing. immoral banking practices, child abuse and molestation…’ His tactics are lethal.

This is a hard hitting story and there are no punches pulled in the subject matter. There is nudity and sexual scenes, though in this case not particularly graphic. The violence is not over the top but there are some graphic scenes.

Importantly the context is clear. We are seeing things from the viewpoint of the violent character and we have seen what has made him the way he is. We aren’t voyeuristically seeing wanton graphic violence and through his internal monologue we are aware of his denial that this is a problem.

Well written and very well illustrated.

There is good use of time changes, scene changes and details the main character aren’t aware of are well placed. The pacing drops and is increased in a way that keeps interest going.

I’m very pleased I took Neil’s recommendation on this.


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