Strontium Dog Fan Film project announced

SD Fan FilmThe team behind the amazing Judge Minty Fan film today announced that they are now working on a Strontium Dog fan film.

Strontium Dog is from the same creative team that brought Judge Dredd to 2000AD. John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra created Judge Dredd in 1977 for 2000AD and though Strontium Dog is now connected to that comic it started life in Starlord in 1978, Starlord later merged with 2000AD and Strontium Dog was one of the stories that made the transition.

I’m a huge fan of both Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog in comic form. I’m also a big fan of Judge Minty so this is exciting news to me and the many fans of these characters.

I learnt earlier today, via the 2000AD Forum, that John Wagner actually asked the team behind this film if they would do a Strontium Dog film. That’s brilliant. John Wagner has publicly supported Judge Minty from the outset and he’ll be confident that his creation is in good hands. Surely not many fan films are made at the behest of one of the creators.

Judge Minty led to the creation of Planet Replicas who market official reproductions of Judge Dredd uniforms, badges and weapons. So fans will now be hoping for similar Strontium Dog replicas in the future.

I have written quite a few articles about Judge Minty, including several interviews with cast and crew. In my interview with Writer/Director Steve Sterlacchini the possibility of a Strontium Dog or Rogue Trooper film was mentioned.

If you want an idea of what this team are capable of you can watch Judge Minty on You Tube

If you use Facebook take a look at their Facebook Page for more information, including some early 3D animations.


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