Exit Generation – issue 3 of 4 – spoiler light

Exit Generation 3Exit Generation – A Creator Owned Project

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Olivera
Cover Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Colours: Marissa Louise
Letters: Colin Bell
Editor: Adam P Knave

Print available at OK Comics, Leeds and other retail outlets
Digital available from Read French Comics £1.00

You can read my review of Issue 1 and Issue 2.

Written by Sam Read who works at OK Comics, my local comic store (LCS). If one can’t support one’s LCS who can one support? That said I only review a comic, book, film, etc if I like it. So while I bought issue 1 to support someone who works in my LCS I reviewed issue 1 & continued buying the comic as it is an enjoyable read.

The story so far – 2055, 20 years after 95% of the population of Earth evacuated the ‘dying planet’ the Earth is recovering from the damage Humans had caused. Jack, born after Exit, is bored and wants something more. While out and about with his adoptive brother Mo man-eating aliens kidnap most of his community, including Mo’s family. Jack & Mo find a mechanic, Scrap, and a pilot, Hanna, who have a prototype Exit Shuttle. They set off to rescue their loved ones.

Page one is brilliant, showing the rescue and the escape taking place at the same time. I’ve complimented the art and lettering in earlier issues and actually I think the art tells the tale so well the script could have been lighter on the dialogue.

There is a distinct Star Wars feel to part of this story even though there is no similarity in the plot itself – well beyond there being a rescue mission in a glued together spacer ship (yes that’s the similarity I~ am referring to).

Talking of script. Sam has given us two strong female characters that are very different to each other. Barni, Mo’s mother, is a no “defeat, no surrender” kind of lady. She leads her fellow captives, supported by her husband. Hanna, the pilot on the rescue mission, is an orphan. She’s got attitude that those in USA might call ‘spunk’.

Strong female characters are not always big breasted women that beat folk up. That’s a stereotype of strong female characters. Good to see those two representatives. Oh there is also Mo’s younger sister, Umu, who has some great characteristics coming through.

This is a well crafted and entertaining story.


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