Judge Dredd & 2000AD fan sites (not exhaustive…) 2

Judge Dredd DofC Fallout cover bare2000AD_logoIn August I wrote about four different sites in my first article about Judge Dredd & 2000AD Fansites it wasn’t intended to be exhaustive, I just picked four that had different themes. There are quite a number of sites out there dedicated to these topics.

Some may wonder why I separate off Judge Dredd in the title. Simply that is because judge Dredd has a wider audience. More people have heard of Judge Dredd than 2000AD, due to the 1995 Stallone film and the (much better) 2013 Karl Urban film.

The above image of Dredd is by Christ Weston from the cover of Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fallout.

Brit-Cit JDBrit-Cit Justice Department
Run by: Committee
Format: Facebook & Forum
Type: Cosplay. Community
Style: Facebook Group
Youtube Channel:  not to my knowledge

Founded on Facebook 9 June 2013 The Brit-Cit Justice Department is the largest group of Judge Dredd costume enthusiasts in the UK.

This is open to anyone interested in any Judge Dredd costumes, comic or film and their uniforms represent Judges from Mega-City One, Brit-Cit and elsewhere around the world of Dredd.

Run by: Wakefield Carter
Format: Website
Type: Database
Style: Text with illustrations
Youtube Channel:  not to my knowledge

Barney is the computer in Mega-City One’s City Hall. The site is in character with the computer as the focal point.

This site holds a huge amount of information. It holds an amazing amount of detail about creators of the stories from 2000AD and includes links to many of their own pages. Links are also available to places where original art from the comic can be purchased either directly from the artists or from people that sell art on their behalf.

The last full update was sometime in 2008 but the site does have minor updates from time to time. Regardless of being a little out of date it is still a ‘must see’.

MintyJudge Minty
Run by: Steve Sterlacchini & Steve Green
Format: Website
Type: Fan Film
Style: Text with illustrations
Youtube Channel:  Yes

If you look around my blog you’ll find out a lot about Judge Minty, including reviews & interviews of cast and crew.

This is a fan film based on a character created by John Wagner and Mike McMahon. The film premiered as part of Leeds International Film Festival in 2012. It has since gone on to ne screened at film & comic conventions around the world.

The film has a Facebook Fan Page as well as a Community Page.

dickD.I.C.K. (Drokk Intercity Chaos Klan)
Run by: Committee
Format: Facebook 
Type: Cosplay. Community
Style: Facebook Group
Youtube Channel:  not to my knowledge

This one is for all those Judge Dredd fans that are not inspired to walk around in a Dredd costume at Cons. No, these folk like to ve Perps instead.

This is an informal gathering aimed at being fun. Perps and Judges can get together at conventions for all sorts of shenanigans and this group have a sub-forum on a site I highlighted in the previous article.


So that’s another four sites summed up in moments. Please check them out, don’t be shy in talking to them. Do join them, get in touch with them and spread the word.

If I haven’t mentioned your favourite feel free to tell me about any you know and I’ll do another round up.

And in closing, take a look at this cool video I came across today. All the covers of 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, Annuals and more from February 1977 to February 2012. Each year is represented by a one minute segment. Yes that means it is over half an hour long.


One comment on “Judge Dredd & 2000AD fan sites (not exhaustive…) 2

  1. Graham Derham says:

    Hello there; I’ve been reading some old issues of 2000ad, specifically Judge Dredd (in collected edition) and I have spotted a drawing of a Star Wars x-wing in the background of a panel. I’m wondering why it’s there and if anyone else has noticed this. Any information you have on this would be very interesting please. Many thanks, Graham.

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