The Crow: Pestilence issue 1 – spoiler light

Crow P 1 sub Crow P 1The Crow: Pestilence 1
Published by IDW
24th September 2014

Writer: Frank Bill
Artist: Drew Moss
Colourist: Oliver Lee Arce
Letterer: Shawn Lee

Cover Art:
Right – James O’Barr
Far Right – Carlos D’Anda

The Crow was created by James O’Barr

The Crow might be widest known from the film series and the tragic death of the film’s star Brandon Lee.

The original comic was written and illustrated by James O’Barr as an attempt to deal with the loss of his fiance, killed by a drunk driver. The original set up to the story was based on an account he read of a murder of a young couple for $20 engagement ring.

This is a new origin for a new Crow. Salvadore, ex-Marine turned boxer

If you know the original version, either comic or film, you will know that the topic is vengeance for the violent death of a loved one. The subject matter is visceral the villains cruel and sadistic and women are rarely treated well.

The hero however, if The Crow can truly be called a hero, is a defender of the innocent. This Crow is dealing with people traffickers and all that entails. There is no glorification of any sexual violence, it is there to show how cruel people can be to each other. If these subjects trouble you this isn’t going to be a title you want to read.

The Saint Death Cult. or SDC, are a criminal gang that deal in bet rigging, fixing boxing matches, and people trafficking. The debts of those that are trafficked are paid off in several ways, including prostitution or as a drugs mule.

As with the original version the crow talks to Salvadore giving him hints and taunting him with the past. His past is not just part of his present, it is his whole reason for being.

I’m searching for a word to describe the art, ‘interesting’ sounds like a criticism but it isn’t intended to be. It isn’t entirely consistent but again I don’t intend negativity in that comment either. I enjoyed the art, though I am reviewing from a Pdf and it might look better on paper – despite some readers telling me contrary in my opinion paper holds images better than the PC.

For an into to a new character there is plenty of story packed in to this issue. Quite satisfying.


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