X-Files Year Zero – issue 3 – spoiler light (5 preview pages)

XFiles_YZ03_cvrX-Files Year Zero issue (3 of 5)
Published by IDW
1st October 2014

Written by: Karl Kesel
Art by: Greg Scott and Vic Malhotra
Colors by: Mat Lopes
Letters by: Robbie Robbins

Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Executive Producer: Chris Carter

Cover art by Carlos Valenzuela

The X-Files created by Chris Carter

Continuing the origin story of the X-Files.

The case that Mulder and Scully are investigating in the present is connected directly to the very first case. In1946 that case was investigated by FBI Special Agent Bing Ellison and ‘Special Employee’ Millie Ohio, remember there were no female Agents at that time.

In 1946 Mr Xero was passing messages to Bing & Millie through Dorothy Sears and in the present Mr Zero is passing messages to Fox and Dana through Dell Spoon. Could Mr Xero be Mr Zero?

The action below is from 1946, the action in present day is of a more modern style. The contrasting art for the different periods really helps identify when the action is taking place.

X3 p1

X3 p2X3 p3X3 p4 X3 p5


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