Day of Dredd – Make a Dredd Sequel

dredd sequelThe  Make a Dredd Sequel Campaign declared today a Day of Dredd. They want people to do whatever they feel appropriate to keep the idea that a sequel to the 2012 fim Dredd would receive better reception in theatres.

Dredd (2012) was not well supported around the world, though in the UK it did top the box office on it’s opening day. I’ve written a lot about this film. In fact it was this film that made me decide to start using this blog as a review site. I first saw the film on 31st August 2012 at a Fan Pre-release Screening. Since then I’ve gone on to not only review many Dredd Graphic Novels, Novellas and the Judge Minty fan film but also I have interviewed several people connected to the character. In May I ran two Panels at Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd.

Without this film we would still have had Judge Minty but we wouldn’t have had Lawgiver – which featured guests such as John Wagner (the creator of Judge Dredd), Michael Carroll (Writer of Judge Dredd for 2000AD), Judge Dredd Artists Nick Percival, David Roach and Pete Doherty. I arranged for original soundtracks for the event from Jared Butler, the voice of Judge Dredd in Judge Minty.

So for me the film has brought a lot of change. I’ve been a reader of 2000AD from the very first issue but it was Dredd 2012 that put me where I am now, running this review site and actively taking part in a really fun convention.

So I’m asking anyone that reads this article to do something, no matter how small, to publicise their own intererst in a sequel to Dredd.

  • Please at the very least join the campaign, like their Facebook Pag and follow them on Twitter
  • Tweet, Retweet and Share things on Facebook
  • Buy Dredd 2012 on DVD or Blu-Ray – if you already have it maybe buy it for a friend
  • Write about Dredd on your Blog, yourtumblr, etc, etc.
  • Pre-Order the Dredd comic sequesl Underbelly & Uprise
  • Encourage others to do any of the above

Do anything you can to keep this campaign going!


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