Killspree – a new online comic

Kill Spree logo-smallA new webcomic from Tim West with art by Portuguese artist Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia.

Tim has been published in several anthologies including a few that I have reviewed, such as AAIIEEE!!! Night Flight of Terror & The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel,. He is also the founder of Comicsy, an online store for independabtly published UK & Irish comics.

Eliseu is a new artist to me but readers may know him from Starwarp Concepts’ Lorelei or The Saga Of Pandora Zwieback.

Kill Spree will be updated each Friday. According to the site this is advised for mature readers.

“A gang of disturbed special needs kids seize control of America’s most high-tech shopping mall and embark on a deadly game of competitive mass-murder, broadcasting the entire event live as the world watches on in horror.”

The aim is for the comic to see print, I agree with Tim when he says that no matter how good a comic is online you still can’t beat paper. To showcase the comic Tim has developed a really great site for readers to experience.

You can read the comic as a standard online comic or opt for an animated version.  There will be more bonus pages as the series develops, at present there is a bio p[age for the characters & another for the creators.

To raise money for a print run Tim is offering a number of products in the Kill Spree Shop. So if you like what you read why not show some support?


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