Fatale Book 4 Pray for Rain – Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips – spoiler light

fatale4Fatale Book 4
Published by Image
February 2014

144 Pages

Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

Colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Previously published as Fatale issues 15 to 19

Josephine is not all she seems. She’s a mysterious woman who has not aged for a very long time and those whose lives she touches don’t have happy endings.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips nring us the penultimate collection of this series (book 5, the final book, is already out).

Sean Phillips is familiar to me from his work for 2000AD, you can read a review of Devlin Waugh elsewhere on this blog. Sean is also well known for his work on Hellblazer for Vertigo. The only works of Ed Brubaker I have read are the earlier books in this series. Ed has also written several arcs in many Batman titles for DC and Captain America and Daredevil for Marvel. Together they have worked on a number of titles including Sleeper and Criminal.

A work colleague of mine introduced me to Fetale and I, in appreciation for this, introduced him to Sean Phillips last year at Thought Bubble in Leeds. not that I can claim any prior association with Sean other than meeting him earlier the same say when asking him if he would autograph a reviews booklet I had written.

You will note that credits are shared on this book rather than ‘Writer & Artist’. Ed Brubaker is a writer and Sean Phillips an Artist, whether equal billing is because they plot the story together or not I don’t know. Something to ask Sean at Thought Bubble this year.

This is a mystery story with more than a slice of Cthulhuesque horror. Action in earlier books has been in the 1930s through to the 80s, this book centres on 1995, Seattle. Josephine has died and risen with amnesia, taken in by a has-been band she is unaware of the danger she and those around her are in.

A wonderfully complex story line where the heroine at times appears to be a villain. The plot keeps the reader engaged, you can’t read this when tired or it’ll lose you. Seeing seemingly decent people descend in to savagery is one thing but the affect she can have on those with already warped personalities is another.

The art is both beautiful and shocking in equal measure. There are scenes of sex and violence that aren’t for the fainthearted.

A great series.



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