Anderson Psi Division – part 3 (of 4) – spoiler light (includes 5 preview pages)

JD_PSI03-cvrSUB JD_PSI03-cvrAnderson Psi Division
The King of the Six Sectors
Issue 2 or 4

Published by IDW
10th September 2014

Writer: Matt Smith
Artist: Carl Critchlow
JD_PSI03-cvrRILetters: Shawn Lee

Cover Art:
Matt Haley (right)
Mimi Yoon  (far right)
Nick Percival (lower right)

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra
Psi Judge Anderson created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland

For those that don’t know; this story ties in with last year’s acclaimed IDW Judge Dredd mini-series by Matt Smith, Judge Dredd: Year One. You don’t have to have read last year’s story to enjoy this – but I can highly recommend catching up. Matt Smith is the Editor in Chief of the 2000AD brand, editing 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine.

Nice Retail Incentive cover by Nick Percival, IDW need an Alex Ronald cover.

With the mysterious Mr Ashberry linked to the murder and abduction of Mutant Psychics from the Alabama Morass what next? A good old-fashioned scene with Gangsters round a table, that’s what. Classic Dredd, such scenes have been used throughout publication history.

The plot moves on quite a bit this issue as Cassandra pushes Ashberry’s buttons. You’ll see in the preview pages below that her approach is unorthodox, not sure the Sector Chief is a fan. By the way in my review od Issue 1 I said I wasn’t sure I had seen a Department Chief with a double Eagle uniform – I have had it pointed out to me that Omar’s uniform in 2000AD had a double Eagle, that’ll teach me (I’ve read ALL those…).

Some wordy panels this issue but I think the letter has made a good job of it as I think Carl Critchlow didn’t leave much space in some. That said I love the art, particularly the character of Zoot. There is also some great zombie-like body language later in the issue (pages 11 to 15).

Cliff hanger for next issue’s finale.

Psi3 P1Psi3 P2Psi3 P3Psi3 P4 Psi3 P5

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