Judge Dredd: Superfiend – an internet cartoon series from Adi Shankar (teaser trailer embeded)

dredd-miniseries-posterSomewhere around two years ago Adi Shankar announced his intention to do a ‘not for profit’ Dredd short. No as Adi Shankar was an Executive Producer of the 2012 Dredd film starring Karl Urban one could hardly simply say a ‘Fan Film’.

There was a short clip shown at New York Comic Con but news was slow to get out about it.

It was exclusively announced on Collider yesterday (20th Oct 2014) that the first episode will be released on 27th October 2014.

Judge Dredd: Superfiend is a seven part cartoon series, I haven’t heard how long the episodes will be so no idea of the full running time. Given the poster, and the title of course, it seems this would appear to be an adaptation of Young Death: Portrait of a Superfiend by John Wagner and Peter Doherty.

The original story was published in Judge Dredd Megazine issues 1 to 12 in 1990/91 telling the origin of Judge Death, his three Dark Judges colleagues and the Sisters of Death, Phobia and Nausea. I would assume given the length and detail in the original story the cartoon series will sample parts of the story rather than adapt the full version.

The look of the cartoon series would appear to be styled more closely on the comic than Dredd 2012. People familiar with Judge Dredd will know that in the comic Judge Dredd stories can be anything from crime procedural to epic space opera, romance to horror and comedy to tragedy. I think it is safe to say that from the trailer we can expect some dark humour.

More on this next week but for now – the teaser…

(edit 24th October 01:22)  Full trailer and titles of episodes revealed


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