Edward Scissorhands issue 1 – new IDW title (spoiler light – includes preview pages

EdwardScissorhands01_cvrEdward Scissorhands
Issue 1

Published by IDW
22nd October 2014

Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Drew Ruasch
Letters: Travis Lanham

Cover Art: Gabriel Rodriguez

A new series from IDW that picks up the story some years after Tim Burton’s rather marvelous film. Kimberly has died and her Granddaughter, to whom she was telling the story of Edward in the film, is now a teen.

What of Edward?

As you will see from the preview pages below you will see that time has been kinder to Edward, or perhaps unkinder? After all the hero of the story is still as he was but his true love has aged and gone. Edward is alone and has been alone for many years.

Interestingly after all these years he has decided to look in to what else his father had been doing before he was made.

The loneliness of poor Edward is plain to see in the artwork and Megan is haunted by the tales her Grandmother had told her. A tale of two lonely hearts.

Edward Scissorhands looks reasonably like a version of Johnny Depp, Megan doesn’t remind me much of Winona Ryder who played her Grandmother.

A very interesting start, will it live up to fan’s expectations?

Edward 1 Pg1Edward 1 Pg2Edward 1 Pg3Edward 1 Pg4 Edward 1 Pg5


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