Paragon issue 17 – an anthology – spoiler light

Paragon_17_CoverParagon Issue 17

Published by Paragon Comics
October 2014

Paper version – available from – £2.50
E-version – available from – £0.79

Edited by Dave Candlish

Cover Art: Shaky Kane
Inks: Jim Campbell
Colours: Owen Watts

Another solid anthology from Paragon Press.

You can read earlier reviews of a few issues of Paragon on this blog as well as the recent horror themed anthology ‘AAIIEEE!!! Night Flight of Terror.’ Most of the contributors to this issue have had work published in other small press comics that I have reviewed.

There is some quality in this issue that would not be out of place from many much larger publishers.

JIKAN – Shimasu part 2
Writer: M J Howard
Art: El Chivo
Letters: John Caliber

The demon, Shimasu, shows Jikan selected moments from his past, some that he witnessed and some that he did not. The veracity if the latter we cannot be certain of (unless they are in an earlier tale that I haven’t read). Last issue we saw assembled warriors from other times and cultures, what demonic plans does this demon have? (yes I guess all the plans of a demon are demonic, it sounded good when I first wrote it).

The art is again tip-top, no confusion of who is who, where they are and what they are doing. Page two of this story is a brilliant example, there are multiple panels but not a single border or gutter but it works brilliantly showing a swift and brutal battle. Page 7 is a one panel page full of emotion, excellent work.

Writer: Dave Candlish
Artist: Baz Renshaw

A one part suspense/horror about a young mother who hires stand-in babysitter at short notice.

Excellent script there is nothing missing in this story and the art really supports the story. I re-read the story without looking at the dialogue and apart from one detail the rest of the story is perfectly clear. Brilliant.

BULLDOG and PANDA (part 2)
Writer: Jason Cobley
Art: Stephen Robert Prestwood
Letters: John Caliber

Anthropomorphic animals fighting an alternate reality WWII.

Captain Winston Bulldog, pilot, adventurer and war hero. Last issue he was kidnapped by a Pterodactyl, this issue the rest of his team are admonished for letting it happen.


I’m guessing Dave Candlish had his hand in this.mid 20th century style children’s comic strip with rhyming captions below each picture. Two pages with six equal sized panels tell the whole tale. If there is a specific style this is emulating it escapes me at present but through the 1940s to 1970s this style was pretty common.

EL BIGOTE – La Noche de Los Muertoads part 3
Writer: Locust
Art: El Chivo
Letters: Bolt-01

A Spaghetti Western with a big difference. El Bigote is an Mexican bandit with a trusty Ostrich steed (yes, an Ostrich). He is on the track of some rather deadly toad-like creatures. Against his better judgement he has teamed up with a band of murderous desperadoes, led by a fire-breathing femme fatale.

Locust’s script is full of character and style, as well as odd mounts. El Chivo’s art on this is quite different to how he illustrates Jikan earlier in this issue – as befits a different style of story.

SPENCER NERO and the Dry Camel
Weiter: Greg Meldrum
Artist: Jim B Cameron

Lovely cartoony art telling a one shot story with a rather ambiguous narrator. A little unusual this one, Greg Meldrum puts his Demon fighting hero in the desert in this one.


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