Martillo: Devil-Smiter – 52 page graphic novel – spoiler light (preview art & page)

forumpic1Martillo: Devil-Smiter

52 Page US Format
Paperback £5.00

Writer: Greg Meldrum
Arist & Letterer: David Broughton

Cover Art: David Broughton
Internal cover Art: Ben Willsher

Special Thanks to Owen Watts

Spain, 1948, post WWII and post Spanish Civil War. General Franco is in control of the country and the Catholic Church is as powerful as ever. Martillo is a Priest with an awesome ability to smite evil, quite often with a hefty hammer (Martillo is Spanish for Hammer).

Six interlinked stories, numbered Cero to Cinco (0 to 5), tell Martillo’s tale. In the creators’ own words:

“A servant of the Saint of Labourers, Martillo wields a hammer and smites evil – HARD! In this collection, Martillo takes on pagan storm-gods, metal-obsessed spectres, sadistic thorn-monsters, gold-eating devil-weasels, hungry bogeymen and Pablo Picasso! But can even Martillo save a nation that still bears the psychic scars of the Civil War?”

I seem to say often in reviews that I am already aware of creators. It’s true of the pair who created Martillo.

martcubewebGreg Meldrum writes for Paragon and I reviewed the latest issue, Paragon issue 17, earlier today. I’ve also reviewed Greg in The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel as well as earlier issues of Paragon. I’ve also read stories by Greg in Doctor WTF?! and he writes for Zarjaz and Dogbreath. You can read his own blog, The Beat Of His Own Drum.

moremartDavid Broughton recently published Shaman Kane which he wrote, illustrated and lettered; doing a fine job throughoutI’ve also reviewed David’s artwork in The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Zarjaz and Dogbreath. As you can see David is quite a busy artist. David’s blog is called David Broughton: Comic Strip Artist.

I’m not sure what Owen Watts did that gets a ‘Special Thanks’ other than he is the editor of Doctor WTF?! The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Zarjaz and Dogbreath (and a jolly pleasant chap).

Each chapter of this story holds a self contained story but there is an over arching plot. The way this works would lend itself to reprint in an anthology.

The idea of a Spanish Priest smiting evil with a big hammer may suggest this is played for laughs, not so. While there are indeed elements of humour the in the setting the character is to be taken one hundred percent seriously. Martillo is part of the establishment, he has direct accees to General Franco and is clearly considered a hero of Spain.

The stories deal with a number of demonic personalities and also includes in flashback the origin of Martillo’s powers, This is a complete package.

The art is very distinctive in style and David uses a variety of panel layouts. He varies artistic styles to show action, exposition or flashback. It is easy to keep track of characters and what is going on.

This is a very good book and I look forward to reading more stories of Marillo’s travails.coco5 coco6


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