Graveyard Orbit issue 1 – spoiler light

GOrbit1small_0814Graveyard Orbit
Issue 1

Published by London Horror Comic Ltd
Publishing as Gaveyard Orbit

Writer: John-Paul Kamath
Artist: Lee Ferguson
Colours: Hi-Fi Design
Letterer: Matty Ryan

Genre – Superheroes. Comedy

Thought Bubble, Leeds. It is a very busy Comic Con… I was frazzled trying to see folk I wanted to see and in a moment of rest a gent at a table engaged me in conversation. Iy was John-Paul Kamath.

I had never heard of him or his publication but his quick market pitch, asking me to read 5 pages of this book, was engaging and very unassuming. For me ut was a good pitch.

I was frazzled so I must admit I didn’t take in those first five pages as well as he had hoped. But I knew I was frazzled and I took the bait.

Glad I did.

The main character, Edgar, is a desperate unemployed young man at the end of his tether. He has begun to hallucinate comic book characters in his day to day life. Thor, Batman and Wolverine debrief him after a rather poor job interview for example.

He lives at home with his doting mother, his father is long gone – I’m assuming deceased but it isn’t clear. It was his Dad that introduced him to comics as a valid reading resource (mine too).

A chance meeting with Jane in a coffee shop could be about to change Edgar’s life.

Interesting introduction to Edgar and his life. Also though this issue begs a 2nd issue the story is actually self supporting, one could accept this issue as a complete story.

Edgar is engaging and should easily receive empathy (possibly sympathy) from the reader even if his comic-geek stereotype doesn’t fit us all (married with a mortgage at 20 & a dad at 21 so not me…). Stereotypes are often a good way to get us to connect with a character and I think this works here.

The art is great. The main thing is to remember we are in Edgar’s head. His self view shifts with his moods and most of what we see is from this quite disturbed mind.

I’ve put this down as a Comedy but I didn’t laugh much; that’s because I was engaged with the character. I think some readers will chuckle away at points.

You can read a preview on the Graveyard Orbit website


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