Freak Out Squares issue 1 – medium spoilers

FOS1Freak Out Squares
Issue 1

Published by Unthank Comics
Creator Owned material
Available in print or digital

Writer: Harry French
Artist: Garry Mac
Colours: Harry Saxon
Letterer: Colin Bell

Genre – Sci-Fi

Recommended to me by Sam Read, writer and creator of Exit Generation, at Thought Bubble. They were sharing a table and they share a creative outlet online.

The start of the story doesn’t make the sci-fi nature of this story obvious until just before the opening credits but as you can see from the cover it is little secret.

Johnny Orion is a mega famous musician who sings about rebellion against the system. Harrison is his number one fan and runs his fanzine. It’s gig night and Harrison is outside when something goes disastrously wrong.

Is the music industry of the future all it seems to be? Is Harrison more than an amateur journalist?

A story of rebellion and control. There is wit in the writing but I haven’t put this in the ‘comedy’ genre.  Interesting characters and intriguing background. I’m guessing we won’t learn exactly how far in the future this is set, often a good plan with sci-fi.

The art is bold and fresh and the glossy paper holds colours well.Nice varied panel layout and variety of angles used and the artist has clearly considered space for lettering.

Great first issue and I understand issue 2 is already out.


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