Dogbreath issue 29

bd29Dogbreath issue 29
Published by Futurequake Press
November 2014

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Matt Timson

Dogbreath was founded by Amanda Kear

Strontium Dog created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Genre – Sci-Fi

Dogbreath is the longest running 2000AD fanzine in print, dedicated to the character Strontium Dog. I must be upfront, I was published in the previous issue.

This is an anthology, much as 2000AD, published in A5 with stories in black and white.

Strontium Dog: Bloodhound
Script: Andi Ewington
Art: Matt Timson
Letters: Bolt-01

A 9-page story set offworld. A group of mutants in a bar sing the praises of Jonny Alpha when a stranger with an S/D badge has entered town.

Quite a dark story which has a western feel, which suits Strontium Dog so well. Script and art deliver an interesting tale with a lightening quick ending.

Strontium Dogs – Flys-Eyes Wagner – Angel of Death
Script: Alec Charles
Art: Scott Twells
Letters: Bolt-01

3-page story featuring a character first seen in Prog 104 in March 1979. This is a great example of how a short story can work so well, the same story could have easily taken 6 pages but three is plenty to get the dull impact.

Strontium Dog’s – Wirehead Rex – The Idolmaker Subterfuge
Script: Dirk Van Dom
Art: Dan Cornwell
Letters: Bolt-01

This character was created for Dogbreath by Dirk Van Dom and Dan Cornwell. This is the strip that brought Dan to attention of John Wagner and Dan will be illustrating a comic written by John Wagner and Alan Grant.

Strontium Dog – The Wreck
Written by Richmond Clements
Illustrated by John Charles

A 4-page text story from one of the Editors.

Johnny Alpha is in pursuit of a data thief who absconded with a space vehicle owned by a British Government Department. His quarry has hidden on a Sargasso Sea type morass in a distant galaxy.

Slightly claustrophobic story which is easy to picture with Johnny moving through the corridors of a cruise-ship. The story delivers a great look at Johnny’s ethics.

Strontium Dog – Death by Dog
Script: Mark Howard
Art: David Broughton
Letters: Bolt-01

10-pagw story about a rookie Strontium Dog who gets assistance from Johnny and Wulf. Though she doesn’yt seem to want the help.

A really interesting story with some wonderful banter from Wulf. I’ve said this before but David Broughton’s characters are always very recognisable from panel to panel. In this story his Johnny Alpha is extremely good.


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