Want to Help an Independent, Original Internet Film

Daemonium FiestaDaemonium is an online film series from Argentina, in Spanish but subtitles are available in English.

I found out about this series with Episode when it won the Grand Prize at Wasteland Weekend, run by Jared Butler. I know Jared through his work on the VO of Judge Minty.

The production values on this series are brilliant. The script, acting and special effects are very professional. Much more, this is original, not based on anyone else’s IP.

You can help keep this ambitious project going by buying an online ticket to a party they are holding in Buenes Aires. If you happen to be able to attend great – if not the cost is low when you look at the conversion rates for the £, $ or € – $a50 comes to roughly £3.70, $5.80 & €4.70. That’s all cheaper than most Kickstarters.

You do need to make an account to buy the ticket and depending on your browser you may need to navigate in Spanish (I found that easy enough).

Why not give the films a watch if you aren’t sure if they deserve support, I have put them out of order below as this is the sequence I prefer, watch them in order if you wish obviously.

Part 2 La Hora Cero

Part 1 Bautismo

Part 3 Hanya Shibari


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