Best of Library of Death – spoiler free

Library of DeathThe Best of Library of Death
Published by Hibernian Press

90 Pages
Black and White Perfect Bound

This edition compiled and edited by David McDonald
Design by Richard Pearce

Originally serialised in Scream! comic issues 1-5, 7-8, 10 and 12-14, and Scream! Holiday Special 1985, 1986 and 1987

Library of Death © Egmont UK Ltd

Gebre – Horror

David McDonald has brought us several other previously out of print gems such as The Tower King and The Thirteenth Floor as well as the narratives The Death of Valiant and Beyond 2000AD.

These books are highly popular with readers who recollect the original print run but are also of clear interest to new readers.

This volume has an introduction by Ian Rimmer, the editor of Scream.

Featuring a collection of reprinted stories this collection includes not only ‘Library of Death’ but also ‘A Ghastly Tale’ and ‘Nightcomer’.

A very eye catching book featuring work from some of the British greats from the period such as Cam Kennedy, Ron Smith, Brendan McCarthy, Steve Parkhouse, Steve Dillon – plus international talent such as Vivas and Casanovas. There is a full list of the writers and artists at the back of the collection, I say full but in fact several creators are unknown. Credits were not always included in comics as they are now and that makes these sort of collections even more important as it is possible to add some credits where they are due. If you know who any of the uncredited stories were written by please get in touch with Hibernian Press.

These stories are all horror and suspense and as is traditional with such tales most have a twist in the ending. There are a 25 stories with ghosts, monsters and demons a plenty varying in lengths from one page to ten pages. Something there for all horror story lovers.


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