Lawgiver MKII – Second Celebration of Dredd convention confirmed

lawgiver-a-celebration-of-Dredd-event-birminghamLawgiver MKII
May 25th (Bank Holiday Monday)
Hilton Doubletree

The second ‘Celebration of Dredd’ event is now confirmed for Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May 2015. The venue will be Hilton Doubletree, Bristol.

The promoters are Rule32 Promotions. I’ll be referring to the organisers as ‘we’, unless I am referring directly to Rule32, as I am involved directly in helping get things organised. Rule32 have drawn together a few helpers such as myself to lend a hand.

This is an event aimed at all fans of Judge Dredd, in print and on screen. We aim for a family friendly environment and want to see as many and as diverse fans as possible.

The 2014 event was a great success. That event was held on the earlier Bank Holiday in May at Eddies in Birmingham. Featuring screenings of the 2012 Dredd movie and the popular Judge Minty fan film. Guests were: John Wagner, Michael Carroll, Peter Doherty, Nick Percival & David Roach from the pages of 2000AD. Also from the fan film Judge Minty we had Edmund Dehn, Steven Sterlacchini and Steve Green. Guests are as yet to be confirmed, more news on that as it comes.

I ran two panels at this year’s event. One with Peter Doherty, Nick Percival and David Roach where we discussed some technicalities of drawing a comic story. The other was with Steven Sterlacchini, Steve Green, Michael Carroll and Judge Minty himself, Edmund Dehn.

Minty Panel - Tony Richards

Lawgiver 2014 – L to R: Me, Steve Green, Steven Sterlacchini, Edmund Dehn, Michael Carroll Photo by Tony Richards

In total there were four Panels, the other two being run by Pete Allison. We also had demonstrations of the Judge Dredd miniatures rules. There were a number of artists and vendors present.

Details of what to expect from the 2015 event will be announced on a rolling basis when confirmed. Keep an eye on the Facebook group Lawgiver Citizens Group for updates. I’ll also bring news from time to time on this blog.


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