The GRIEVOUS JOURNEY of ICHABOD AZRAEL (and the DEAD LEFT in His WAKE) – US Edition – spoiler light

One of Six
Published by Rebellion
25th February 2015

Script: Rob Williams
Art: Dom Reardon
Colours: Peter Doherty
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Cover: Simon Davis

Genre – Western. Horror

Possibly the longest title for any comic strip I have ever read.

This is the next 2000AD title to be presented in 32 page US format. Art in this series also comes from Michael Dowling and Antonio Fuso. There will be a variant cover for this issue from Lee Garbett.

This is the story of a cold hearted killer from the 1860s USA and what an entertaining story it is. Ichabod was a bushwaker in the American Civil War who was considered too violent for his blood thirsty comrades. He wreaked violence across the emerging territory before being shot dead in the town of Corinth. That’s more or less the start of the story, not the end…

After dying Ichabod discovers there is more to life than living. He also decides that being dead isn’t what life is all about. He plans to cheat death, avoid being consigned to the depths of hell and get back to his true love in the land of the living.

He finds unlikely allies: Zebulon Crowe, a Deputy of Corinth who Ichabod had killed, and Generall M Beauregard. a Cavalry General who ‘fought’ Indians.

Most of the art is in black and white, colour is reserved for the land of the living in the main. Black and white art is often underrated these days which is a shame. The art in this issue is striking and the standard is maintained when the art duties alter.

It’ll be interesting to see what the North American market makes of this title.

You can pre-order this title at your local comic store through Diamond –  order code DEC141640. The title will also be available in the 2000AD Futureshop.

Rob Williams: “We’re thrilled to bring the west’s greatest DEAD killer to the US market, that’s where he’s from, after all. Movies like The Assassination of Jesse James and the songs of Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt were the strip’s inspiration. So it’s great he’s heading to his homeland, revolver in hand.”

Matt Smith, editor of 2000 AD: “After the success of our US format comics this year – DREDD: Underbelly, Jaegir, and Brass Sun – we have plans to continue with more titles in the format in 2015, drawing on some of the most inventive, intriguing, and action-packed series 2000 AD has ever produced. The last few years have seen an incredible range of new characters emerge and we’re looking forward to blowing comic book readers’ minds!”


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