Judge Dredd Complete Case-Files – North American Edition 09

JD NA09Judge Dredd Complete Case-Files 09
Published by Rebellion
US & CANADA ONLY: 20 Jan $19.99

Available in print from: Diamond (NOV141604)
and all good book and comic book stores
Available in digital from: Amazon Kindle, Nook, from
2000 AD webshop, 2000 AD iPad app

Cover: Brendan McCarthy

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 424-473

Genre: Sci-Fi (and pretty much everything else)

Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant
Artists: Steve Dillon, Carlos Ezquerra, Ian Gibson, John Higgins, Cam Kennedy, Barry Kitson, Brendan McCarthy, Cliff Robinson, Ron Smith, Bryan Talbot
Letterers: Tom Frame, Tony Jacob

The biggest names as far as writers of Dredd and many of the biggest names of Dredd artists. This is a collection of classic Judge Dredd tales, in order. Nothing left out.

All pages are in black and white, you will spot the decolourised pages as there is more grey-scale in them than the original black and white pages.

Stories presented here include the classic Midnight Surfer that saw the return of Marlon Shakespeare, aka Chopper. He’d been arrested as a Scrawler and released from the Iso-Cubes a reformed young man… well maybe not so reformed as retrained. Now he is an illegal sports star – a Supersurfer.JD MS

Also there is Nosferatu – drawn by Ron Smith, one of the go to artists when it comes to spiders. This story is a monster story, the sort of story that Hammer House of Horror might have told.

That’s the beauty of Judge Dredd. These first two stories are completely different, any story can be told in the pages of Judge Dredd. The city may be futuristic but people are still people.

There is a love story in the mix. We also see a number of the crazes that are so popular in Mega-city One, not always as the central part of the story but there are Bat-Gliders, Leapers, Skysurfers, Uglies.

Another part of the city seen is the Academy of Law, or more accurately Judge-Tutors and Cadets. In one story a group of Cadets are shown the city as part of their class when they visit a Block War. Then we see Judge-Tutor Silver join the ruling Council of Five when Chief Judge McGruder takes the Long Walk.

There is a wealth of Judge Dredd lore in this volume.


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