Ditko’s Shorts – A Collection from IDW -Preview pages included

DitkosShorts_Cover6_5Ditko’s Shorts
The One, Two and Three Pagers
Published by IDW & Yoe Books

Artist: Steve Ditko
Writers: Uncredited

Edited by
Craig Yoe & Fester Faceplant

Previously Published in a variety of titles, each original print is mentioned after each story.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror

Steve Ditko, a name that almost all Comic fans must have heard of. He is credited as co-creator of Spider-man and Doctor Strange. With Doctor Strange planned for a new movie Steve Ditko’s name will no doubt become wider known again.

Most think of the long 32 page version of US comics with a single story, though in the 70’s I recall many US comics having secondary strips, here we are presented with short stories of between one and three pages.

I’m an avid reader of 2000AD, the British anthology comic. That’s common knowledge to regular readers and the name of this blog is inspired by Judge Dredd, from the pages of 2000AD. So I am used to anthologies and short stories. Indeed if you look around this blog I review a lot of anthologies. A good story can be told in as few as one frames, let along one to three pages.

No writers are credited and there almost certainly were writers involved. In many cases I imagine they were the Editors of the comics they were published in or one of the staff of writers. Comic credits were not widely in use at the time and though one can at times identify a writer in his stories it is certainly usually easier to identify an artist, especially as most of Ditko’s were signed.

It is a shame the writers go uncredited but that’s the way of things sometimes. Take Six Gun Gorilla for example… a new version was released last year by Boom! written by Simon Spurrier but no one knows who created that character, neither writer nor artist.

So, what does this collection contain? Exactly what the title states. One, two and three page stories illustrated by Ditko and used as fillers to keep the page count up for each issue, often to replace dropped adverts but also when lead stories were shorter than average.

The stories vary greatly in content and genre, many have a twist or a sting in the tale. There are stories that wouldn;y be out of place as an episode of Twighlight Zone or similar show. As a 2000AD reader these are similar to Tharg’s Future Shocks, which are often used as training ground for new writers and artists to 2000AD.

There is a story of a soldier who inexplicably appears in a peaceful gamily home. There are stories of time travel and space travel. There are monsters, robots and dinosaurs.

The first two stories are below as a preview.

Ditko 01 Ditko 02 Ditko 03


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  1. theMadArtist says:

    Thanks for adding such cool Ditko info!

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