Judge Dredd: Mega Collection – new part work from Hachette

Dredd Col1Judge Dredd: Mega Collection
Published by Hachette in 80 parts

1st issue £1.99
2nd Issue £6.99
Subsequent issues £9.99

Estimated average page count – 200

Previously published in 2000AD & Judge Dredd Megazine

Genre – Sci-Fi

Officially announced 11th December 2014 for national release in the UK, launching 21st January 2015. Issue one will be in most major Newsagents on the 21st of January (£1.99). Issue one features one of the most popular stories that is considered by many to start the ‘modern era’ of Judge Dredd: America. Subsequent issues each fortnight (2nd issue is £6.99 with all subsequent issues at £9.99.

Each issue has specially selected stories collected in themes. There will be key stories, previously unseen artwork, interviews with creators and more.

edit – you can read a review of the first issue America.

Judge Dredd has a wealth of history. First appearing in the second issue of 2000AD in February 1977. The stories started set in 2099 and have advanced in real-time (the current year in Judge Dredd is 2136). Judge Dredd is a future law man with the authority of Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, judge Dredd has featured some of the top names in UK comic creators. I’m not certain what other writers will be included, though Alan Grant and Pat Mills are definitely going to feature in this collection. Artists will include Ron Smith, Cam Kennedy, Mike McMahon and many more.

Some people only know Judge Dredd from either the 1995 Stallone movie or the 2012 Karl Urban version. There is so much more to this character and this collection offers to supply the best of what Judge Dredd has to offer.

Issue 2 features Mechanismo with future issues including stories about the Dark Judges, Judge Anderson and of course one of the main characters of Judge Dredd – Mega-City One itself. The series also promises to feature Mega-epics such as The Cursed Earth, Apocalypse War, Midnight Surfer and the modern classic Day of ChaosDredd Col F

Subscriptions can already be placed with a prize of a free subscription available – see their site for full details.

Dredd Col FB

Visit Facebook

The Mega Collection has a Facebook page (click on the image on the right) where you can keep up to date with the latest news. They are encouraging readers to share fan art and relevant Judge Dredd news.


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