Daemonium Episode 4 Premiere – 01:00 GMT 12 December 2015

daemonium4Daemonium IV: El Lupo y El Mago

Premieres 12th December 2015 at 01:00
Local time in Argentina 22:00

Available on the Daemonium You Tube account

I came across this series when the second episode, La Hora Cero, won the main prize at Wasteland Weekend in September 2013. Not that I was there, I heard about that through the organiser Jared Butler. Jared was the voice of Judge Dredd in Judge Minty.

So I watched the episode to see how good it was and I loved it. I then watched episode 1. I only had to wait a few months for Episode 3, Hanya Shibari which was released on 17th Decenber 2013. Again I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The production standards are very high. The acting is great and voice overs are provided by actors such as Humberto Vélez the South American voice for Homero Simpson in The Simpsons and Peter Griffin in Family Guy.

Each episode is embeded here for you to catch up. I’ve deliberately put them out of order, that’s the order I watched them in and I think it works the best. The films are in Spanish but there are English Subtitles.

I know that once episode 5 has been completed there will be a re-edited feature length version.

Edit – it is here!


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